Committees for the Session  2018-19 











Ms.Ena Kapoor

Ms. Nidhi Upadhayay 

Ms. Manju Dadwal

- To advertise the vacancy position  for the students  and  to  scrutinize the registration forms for admission and carry out the process as per the KVS   Admission guidelines for that  session in consultation with the Principal.




 Academic council/

Slow Learners Programme


 Ms. Kavita Hoon

 PGT Maths

Mr. Vishnu Dutt

Ms. Anita Sharma

Ms.Amita Rai

To plan the schedule of Unit-test/Periodic tests,Mid term  Examination, Pre-Board and Annual Examination as per the calendar of activities.

-To ensure the evaluation of Internal Assessment and grading of co-scholastic subjects as per the instructions of CBSE/KVS.

-To give suitable instructions to class teachers /subject teachers for maintaining all the relevant records.

-To conduct external examination as per the prescribed norms and to maintain record of all such examinations.

 -To conduct Board Exam as per CBSE guidelines and also to give suitable instructions for carrying out Internal Assessment and maintain records.

To ensure proper correction of written work of the students.

-To give suitable guidelines in the faculty meetings.

-To collect the student profile of all classes from the Class Teachers




Time - Table


PGT Maths


Ms. Ena Kapoor

Ms.Amita Rai

Mrs Manju Dadwal

-To prepare & execute time table as per the norms.

-To make necessary adjustments in the time table due to administrative exigencies.

-To device workable & suitable assignment/

remedial time-table

-To make arrangement for classes suitably as per requirement.

- To prepare day to day substitution with precision and care to ensure effective engagement of the classes to avoid unwanted movement of the students.









Co- Curricular Activities

Student Council

External Competitions

Prize Distribution/ PTA/PTM


Mr Kalu Ram Meena


Mr. Vijay Kumar


Ms. Vandna Sharma






-To organize Inter house competitions effectively and to celebrate all the days of National importance/

Occasions with the assistance of House Masters and other experts in a planned manner.

-To activate the conduct of Morning Assembly ensuring quality nurturing of the talents

-To monitor day to day morning assembly programme effectively and ensure befitting presentation on all fronts on time and putting Monitoring score for the day to the Principal

-To select School Captain  ,House captains and other members of the council for carrying out their usual work in consultation with the Principal. 

-To implement pass system for Systematic/ orderly movement of students for assembly. 

-Checking of late comers.

-To coordinate all external competitions relevant to our system.

To be responsible for purchase of suitable prizes for different competitions, distribute certificates and prizes to the students from time to time.



Mr. Rajeshwar

Ms. Arti Tomar

-To ensure all furniture bear serial numbers and the year of purchase.

-To ensure the adequacy and suitability of furniture in all the class rooms, including repair of furniture as per the rules.

-To keep inventory of furniture allotted to different classes and  departments

-To ensure condemnation and disposal of damaged furniture which cannot be repaired.


Computer lab



Website Updation


Ms. Nidhi Upadhayay 


Ms. Arti Tomar

Ms.Neelu Khanna


-To ensure all the  computers  in Labs /deptt  are in  working condition  for carrying out Computer aided  classes effectively with the assistance of computer instructors and to submit monthly updates to the office.

Updating  of latest information regarding  Vidyalaya and  removal of  old information from the website  by obtaining approval  of  the  Principal


Medical check up of students

Mr. Rajeshwar

Ms. Amita Rai

-To procure the required number of medical cards in the beginning of the academic session.

-To distributes the medical cards to the class teachers based on strength.

-To arrange the medical checkup twice in a year.

To organize All health related issues/ programmes and arrange for expert talk on topics.

-To ensure the follow up action after the medical checkup.



Gardening (Nature/Eco club)

Mr. Rajeshwar



- To monitor the work effectively  and to offer technical expertise to improve gardening by providing all required materials from time to time to bring the  aesthetic look to the Vidyalaya.
- Installing display board with naming and beautiful quotation. 
- Trimming & Painting the trees 
- Any other related works.


Excursion/Field trips

Mr. Rajeshwar

 Ms. Prerna singh

-To check out and implement Annual plan for outing of the students as per the codal provisions in consultation with the class teachers/Principal.


Building and maintenance Monitoring committee/Water availability and electric supply

Mr. Vishnu Dutt Sharma

Mr. Ramphal

Ms. Arti Tomar

Ms. Seema Sindhu

-To carry out maintenance & repair work of buildings including toilets, surroundings and play field in the temporary building alongwith uninterrupted water and electric supply and  to keep strict vigil over construction work in permanent building .



Mr. Rajeshwar

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Ms. Kusumlata Sharma

Ms. Manju Dadwal

-To ensure the congenial atmosphere by maintaining gentle movement of students and dealing the cases of indiscipline of students if any.  A separate file be maintained.


Hindi Raj Bhasha Samiti

Mr Ramphal

Mr. Kalu Ram Meena

-To conduct quarterly meetings of Rashtra-bhasha and to submit quarterly reports to the Regional Office.


Publication,Brochure,Vidyalaya e-Patrika, News Letter, Student Diary & Teachers Diary

PGT English

Mr. K R Meena

Mr. Ramphal

Ms. Vandana Sharma

-In charge of school e-magazine and any other issues related to publication.



Scouts & Guides Cubs & Bulbuls

Ms. Ena Kapoor

Mr. Vishnu Dutt Sharma

Ms. Prerna Singh

Ms. Amita Rai

Ms.Kusumlata Sharma

-To enroll Scouts & Guides, Cubs & Bulbuls and to organize testing camps, troop meetings as per the Annual Schedule of activities prepared at unit level in light of APRO.



Ms. Amita Rai

Mr. KR Meena

Ms. Deeksha Arora

Ms. Seema Sindhu

Ms. Anita Sharma

-To procure text books and reference books recommended by CBSE  and KVS  Library  policy and  as per the recommendation of faculty members.

-To organize Class Library and to present Monthly book review for each student of the Vidyalaya.

-To assist Primary wing in Library activities in light of CMP.






Games, Sports & Yoga



Mr. Vijay Kumar



Ms. Kusumlata Sharma


-To practice Yoga daily during the morning assembly to the students.

- -Identify the talented students participating at the Cluster, Regional and National Level Games in the first week of April in order to give them special training by the coaches with her involvement and to maintain record.

-To draw up class wise activities to be undertaken as per the syllabus.

-To coordinate with vocational teachers and train the students for various activities.


House Keeping, Cleanliness of vidyalaya/ Beautification


PGT English

Ms. Seema Sindhu

Ms. Deeksha Arora

Ms. Vandana Sharma

Ms.  Ranjana Saxena

-To monitor the  cleanliness in consultation with the agencies concerned so as to Vidyalaya bears a clean look


Morning Assembly PA system arrangement /other SUPW items/ Music

Mr. Vishnu Dutt Sharma

Ms. Ranjana Saxena

- To make all arrangements for smooth conduct of morning assembly including arrangement for special occasions.

- To ensure the musical items maintained properly and they are not broken or damaged


Staff Room Maintenance

Ms. Vandana Sharma

Ms. Anita Sharma

-To ensure that Staffroom is totally clean and arranged .

-The relevant information is pasted at relevant place in staff room.


Safety and Security  of Vidyalaya and students

Mr.KR Meena

PGT Maths

Mr.VishnuDutt Sharma

Mr.Vijay Kumar

Ms. Seema Sindhu

Ms.Neelu Khanna

Ms.Prerna Singh


-The incharge will work as the nodal officer as per sop provided for any untoward incident

-Will ensure the safe entrance and exit of the students from the Vidyalaya

-Will sign as supervisor for the outsourced security  employees engaged for safety of the Vidyalaya property


Science & Maths Lab

Ms. Seema Sindhu

Ms. Ena Kapoor

-To  maintain the lab, make  purchases  , get the stock verified and condemnation of the items 
- To prepare students and to organize K.V. cluster level / regional level /National level science exhibition 
-To train children for various competitions. 
-Any other related work


KV Shalla Darpan & UBI Fee project

Ms.Nidhi Upadhayay

All Class Teachers

To enter and maintain the record of all students and other department on Shalla Darpan.

Fee collection through UBI Web Portal and informing the defaulters



Ms.Vandana Sharma

Ms.Kusum Kaul

Ms.Anita Sharma

-To conduct every activity as per the prescribed  CMP activity Calendar

- To maintain record of all such activity.


Audio-Visual Aids & Resource Room

Ms.Kusum Kaul

 Mr. Rahul


-A.V. Room to be well equipped with workable LCD, OHP etc.

-To ensure TAL/CAL is undertaken by the teachers

-To maintain a log Register in the A.V. Room.


First Aid

Ms. Arti Tomar

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Ms.Kusum Kaul

-To maintain the necessities of a first aid box. 

-To provide first aid to students in case of any casualty.

-To train students in case of any emergency.





PGT English

Ms.Nidhi Upadhayay

Ms. Arti Tomar

Ms. Seema Sindhu

-To prepare students and to organize K.V. cluster level / regional level /National level  exhibition. 



E- Class Rooms

Ms.Nidhi Upadhayay

Ms. Deeksha Arora

Mr. Rahul

-Maintenance and functioning of Computer, LCD projector, Visualizer and other electronic gadgets
and their condemnations. Preparation, issue and use of e-content for classroom purpose.



Mr.KR Meena

Ms. Seema Sindhu

Ms. Arti Tomar

Ms. Prerna Singh


-To Help students cope up with adolescent problems

-To guide and counsel them

-Box meant for general complaints / suggestion, should be opened on the last working day of the     month

-Separate files for preserving the complaints / suggestions & register for recording the complaints / suggestion should be opened.

-Corrective, measures are to be taken immediately in consultation with principal.

-To impart the value education and hold regular classes as guided by the Ramakrishna Mission.


Canteen Committee

Mr. Rajeshwar

Ms. Neelu Khanna

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Ms. Manju Dadwal

Ms Kusum Kaul

-To see that the food is prepared in a clean & hygienic manner.

-To ensure that healthy food is supplied to the students

-To see that the menu card is displayed with the rate list.


Purchase committee

Mr. Vishnu Dutt Sharma

Ms.Nidhi Upadhayay

Ms.Ranjana Saxena

Mr.Vijay Kumar

Ms.Ena Kapoor

Ms. Vandana Sharma

Co-opted members of department concerned

- To Sign the quotations received by post or email.

-To carryout market survey whenever required

-To check and sign the Comparative Statement

- To check purchased items are in accordance to that given in quotations



Grievances & Sexual Harassment committee

Mr.KR Meena

Ms. Arti Tomar

Ms. Neelu Khanna

-If any complaint related to immoral behavior towards  student or corporal punishment or tarnishing the image of the students, abusing the students on caste, creed, religion or family background or on personal appearance or threatening the students to join the private tuitions or forcing them to bring the eatables or eating their tiffin and asking some students to blame or abuse slow learners or comment on family background and occupation of the parents is received, the committee should  take immediate measures to resolve the issue.


Teaching Aid

Ms. Arti Tomar

Mr. Rahul

-Purchase, maintenance and issue teaching aids /TLM to teachers for classroom activities.


Quiz , Career Counselling ,Alumini & Student welfare,

Data Handling of Vidyalaya



Ms Nidhi Upadhyay




Ms Prerna Singh

Ms Kusum Lata Sharma

PGT (Maths)

-To prepare students for quizzing

-To arrange guidance and counselling for students as per the requirement and maintain confidentiality

-To maintain records of students who have entered various colleges and professions.

- To arrange guest lectures on important occasions by inviting, Scientist, Doctors and others dignitaries.

-To arrange Vocational guidance and counseling to the students by inviting reputed personalities in the concerned filed.

To collect and compile school wise details (U-Dise, Vidyalaya Plan and Inspection tool)


Literary Club

PGT English

Mr. KR Meena

Mr. Ramphal

Ms.Deeksha Arora

- To prepare a plan to create literary atmosphere in Vidyalaya. 
-To prepare class wise magazines

-To organize  competitions/ seminars/programmes etc. based on subject. 

-To develop the language skills like reading, writing, speaking, listening skills among the students

-To develop the proper reading habits among the children.

-To give required guidance in the planning and execution of project to student

-To encourage the use of Audio Visual aids in teaching learning process

-To conduct the language games during the teaching periods.

- To train the students for various activities like recitation of poem, storytelling, debate, elocution  and essay writing, extempore speech.  


Integrity Club

Mrs Arti Tomar

Mrs Prerna Singh

Mrs Amita Rai

- To follow the motto of the club “Living Values’ by the members “young Champions  of Ethics”

- To rekindle the values in the society

-To achieve this live ethically, the young  champions of ethics will propagate ‘Human Values’ in their families, neighbourhood, school community and  society at large to strengthen value based culture in the country



Mrs Nidhi Upadhyay

Sh Kalu Ram Meena

Sh Rahul

-To ensure the photography/Video grapy as important occasions days/ functions.


Assembly Monitoring Programme

Mr Kalu Ram Meena

1.     Mr Vijay Kumar

2.     Mrs Ranjana Saxena

3.     Mrs Deeksha Arora

4.     Mrs Vandna Sharma

-To see that morning   assembly programme is to conduct within stipulated time.

-To evaluate the various items of morning assembly programme on five point scale – Excellent: Very good; Good; Average; Below Average

-To prepare the schedule for conducting morning assembly programme, class teachers of secondary, primary, must be given responsibility of conducting morning assembly programme.

-Training  the students for various activities of morning assembly programme like pledge, thought for the day, news and special item.



Mr.Onkar Singh

Ms.Disha Arora

-All works related to the  management of the Vidyalaya


RISO Committee

Ms Neelu Khanna (I/C)

Mrs Manju Dadwal

Mrs Ranjna Saxena

Photocopying related work in Primary